Tuesday, March 25, 2008

They've gotten to my office & one more today with the new lights. Wow, they are very bright. Since I like bright lights, that's a good thing.

I did a little writing today. Nothing of any importance, except to me.

Tulip poplars are blooming. The trees are budding, too. The crabapple by work is in bloom, as well. I sat under it for a little while today but I could not smell the blossoms more than a passing whiff or two. I love crabapple blossoms.

books: Haiku U, a very funny little book that summarizes 100 Great books in 17 syllables. I started reading Murderous Yarn but didn't get very far.

tatting: I tried to do some more on the bun cover yesterday but it was too bloody cold. I managed a few rings today. Until I ran out of thread on my shuttle. I need enough thread for another 7 or so rings. *sigh*

clothes: black jeans, half-boots & belt, white turtleneck, red brocade/tapestry vest, red bead bracelet, paui shell pendant (often hidden by my vest), matching ring, hematite ring & filigree ear cuff, oh & braided hair.

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