Sunday, March 16, 2008

Running late but made it to Mom's yesterday in time for lunch. We did a little shopping and found a couple flash drives at Big Lots! for $8. We finally even bought new service cards for our tracfones. I added mine today & got the minutes doubled; that will help with my upcoming trip.

I helped Mom by being a second opinion while she tried on clothes. Some things you just need to have someone else look & say "that's too big," or "that just doesn't flatter you."

This morning was load up my car & some more cleaning. Then I booked out to the RBC Center to the Hurricanes game. It's David's birthday today & that's what he wanted to do. So Chris, Rosemary, David R, David C & other friends of David R sat in the nosebleed seats and watched the Hurricanes whomp the Ottawa Senators. When I say nosebleed, I'm not kidding. The wall was 2 rows behind us and I didn't know that I was acrophobic until I got into place. It got better when there were more people in the seats.

It was a fun game to watch. The goalie was impressive. I know diddly-squat about hockey & even I could tell that. And I was seated next to a friend of David's who really knows about hockey so she was able to explain things.

I found the hook that Mom bought for me. She couldn't find it while I was there. Turns out she'd wrapped it. I can't wait to use it.

tatting: I started another shamrock during the breaks between periods.

books: Finished re-reading All About Passion & kept reading the ShadowRun book.

clothes: 'Kick gas' t-shirt & jeans yesterday. Today it's jeans & black/beige wolf etching shirt (old one from Emerald Pointe).

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