Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Every day a little better, healthwise at least. Not so much work-wise. As I was coming into work I started having nasty little 'flashbacks'. Not quite actual urges, just presentiment of urges, if you know what I mean.

I only managed soup for lunch but by this afternoon I ate a candy bar. Not good for my physically, but oooohhhhh I needed it. I thought long & hard about it but finally decided it was better to get one now than splurge on the cookies at home.

Good news, 2 of the work headaches are now resolved (one as of 5:10+ this evening). I am soooo glad that's over. I've been working on one of those headaches for 2 weeks. It's just been gathering steam & the deadline to have it done, come hail or high water, was today. And. It is.

Not one person noticed or commented on my class ring today. I've never really worn it before. I accidentally ordered in in gold & well, I don't wear gold. Today, I had the urge to wear it, so I did.

I fixed my shoe at lunch. The closest store to me had an abysmal glue selection but I was desperate. So I bought a glue gun. Hey, it worked. At least so far. But I haven't done much walking yet. We'll see.

website: I just found it, it's all about historical clothes. It's a forum & I haven't joined yet. So we'll see.

books: Sort of dipped into re-reading The Rogue & the Hellion by Connie Mason. Read The Accidental Werewolf by Dakota Cassidy. I really liked it. Re-reading The Warlock Unlocked again.

computer games: Age of Empires is killing me. Repeatedly. I'm on the Wonder stage and keep getting killed.

clothes: black ~slippers, black socks, black jeans, black belt with silver buckle, black poly 'silky' shirt (short sleeves), onyx earrings, usual hematite, black and red stone bands, class ring, labradorite pendant & braided hair.

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