Friday, March 28, 2008

Squirrels aren't carnivorous, right?
Because I'm not certain what I saw. It looked like a squirrel carrying a small, furry object. Maybe it was transporting a baby squirrel? If so, why? Why couldn't a young squirrel that size move on its own?

I tried to save water this morning
; I tried a camper's trick; I combed corn starch through my hair instead of washing it. My hair isn't greasy (it was at the edge of wash/don't wash) but it does look dull from the white powder. After all, isn't that one of the tricks actors use to replicate grey hair?

tv: Watched a couple episodes of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. Yes, we've been reduced to watching Reality TV. *sob* It's not bad, though. Last night was this neat little vegetarian restaurant in Paris. A question about prices led us on-line to compare prices at other restaurants in Paris. While there, I looked up the restaurant in the episode. It kind of spoiled the ending, though.

tatting: AAAARRRGH! I just compared my red snood/bun cover to my white one. I messed up the 5th round. I joined it to every ring, not every other ring. No wonder it's not cupping properly.

books: kind of re-reading Then Comes Marriage by Kasey Michaels.

clothes: black loafers (oops, those are crapped out, change to beaded flats), knee-highs, black slacks, black belt w/ silver buckle, white waffle polo, small labradorite pendant, hematite bead earrings, hematite band, black stone band, flower band & hair up in a knot/bun/ponytail affixed with a white chopstick almost decorated with a blue dragon.

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