Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring Break is in full effect & the campus is about dead. Luckily, I have leftovers to eat for lunch. Tomorrow, it's lunch with my old supervisor, my current one & two other co-workers. Don't know what I'll eat on Friday, yet.

Tatting: 5 shamrocks done & 6th in progress. It's Rozella Linden's Celtic knot shamrock. Cute, huh.

website of the day: etymology online

books: reading The River Knows, again.

gaming: Chaos Fields was interesting. It was a fairly short game but we got started late because my bus was late. The early bus's transmission broke and it never came. The next one was about 20 minutes late. Thus, I got home about the time that I should have been showing up at the game. Isolde went through all of her 1st level spells and a couple 2nd level spells.

news: they've arrested 2 people for the death of Eve Carson. Did they really do it? Only the cops know for sure.

clothes: black half-boots, black jeans, grey polo, moonstone jewelry & braided hair.

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