Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Supper & books; or what I did last night: After the Memorial I headed home, catching the 6-ish bus. John came over & we headed out for Chinese food and then to Raleigh on a bookhunt. He found a present for Rosemary at the B&N in Brier Creek. I spent too much on books, quelle surprise. We got back a little late & he showed off the G3 laptop. When he gets the other laptops to work fully, that one will be mine. It's a 'thank you' for helping him get the other computer stuff on eBay.

Usually when I see Mom, she gives me a pile of Wednesday presents. They're all wrapped in comic pages from the newspaper, or colorful calendar pages or catalog pages. They might be clothes, books, stationery, whatever struck her fancy as something that I might like. One about a month ago was a package of very long tank-tops to wear for warmth under winter clothes. The one for today is linen hankies & towels. They are all embroidered or otherwise decorated. Pretty neat, huh.

She started that when I was in college. They would be little slices of 'I love you' from my mom.

The memorial was very moving. I'm glad that I took a tissue. I gave one to the girl sitting next to me, too. I'm glad that I went.

dream: this morning I had a dream that I went back to school. To State! For some reason, I decided to live in a dorm, so I was a 40-year-old freshman, in the dorm. At least I had some geeks to hang out with. Too bad my room was so friggin' high it set off my latent acrophobia.

books: I've read all of 1 & most of another book that I bought last night. I read Guns Will Keep Us Together & 2/3 of the stories in Dead Over Heels. I'm saving the first one because it comes after incidents in a novel that I haven't read yet.

Guns.. is another (2nd) book about the Bombay family & the family business: assassination. This time it's Dakota's turn to have his life turned upside down. It's good for him.

Dead..continues in the world of Fred in Swimming Without a Net & one Queen Betsy & one Wyndham werewolves. One story each.

clothes: black 1/2 boots, black jeans, black belt & silver buckly, dark red (blue undertones) tank, black short-sleeved crochet sweater (worn open), plaited hair (with red elastic that matches tank), silver Celtic knot moon/star/tree pendant on short silver chain, silver flower band, hematite band, silver hash mark band, & black/silver chandelier earrings.

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