Monday, March 03, 2008

Saturday's game of Greyhawk Ruins went well. Rosemary's healer was able to be effective in combat (empowered cure moderate wounds does bad things to undead). Kash, my ranger, is 4th level. I decided to stick with ranger for 4th & take fighter at 5th.

We were planning to go to Firebird for Rosemary's late b'day supper but they had 2-hour wait. So we went to Red Lobster; net gain - half an hour. Chris is talking about running L5R again. Supper was nice, we socialized, ate and Rosemary opened a couple presents.

Sunday Chris & I played Age of Empires. Mom & Dad both called, that was unusual. Then I got sick. Really sick. Chris fixed the washing machine, well, it works anyway.

I'm stuck at home today because I fear going more than 30' from a bathroom. Yeah, being sick really sucks.

tatting: I did more of the snood, about half of the 4th rounds.

books: I re-read Willing, All Night Long, The Grand Sophy and most of Holidays are Hell.

clothes: Saturday was jeans & wench t-shirt, yesterday was tank & sweatpants. Today is more of the same.

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