Monday, March 24, 2008

site of the day: Geek code. Mine is
Version: 3.1
GL/O d+ s--:+ a+ C++ U? P L E? W++ N o>+ K- w
O+ M+ V? PS+(++) PE Y+ PGP->PGP++ t+ 5+ X! R+++@ tv+ b++++(what that's all?) DI+ D
G e>++ h--- r++ z+

Sunday was slow. I made it through another level of Age of Empires, past the Trojan War
now. I guess that's good. I may set the next level on Easy before I try it again. My first
attempt was a miserable failure.

I picked up my manga and looked for Scion: God. FE didn't have it. Or my Witch Hunter.

Today was a real struggle to go to work. If I could have found a legitimate reason not to go,
I wouldn't have. At least I got a lot done.

They were supposed to get the lights replaced starting today. They just got the equipment in.
And someone stole a box of the bulbs. Bleah.

Books: Wild Ones vol 1 & 2, reread Immortal in Death.

clothes: black jeans, ~slippers & socks, teal silk blouse, matching printed scarf, braided
hair, etc.

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