Friday, March 21, 2008

Once again I try to give blood and failed. This time it seemed to be more a mechanical failure. Oh well.

I showed up for Blackmoor about 30 minutes late. Since I was the 4th player, they had not started without me. We've already played one and we're in the middle of the 2nd one.

Chris & I didn't go to breakfast this morning. We slept late instead. I was trying to read the Riders of Hak in preparation for today but then learned when I got here that it hasn't been fully approved yet. At least I managed to level my character before the game started. And after playing 2 adventures, she's 3rd level.

Bradford pear trees in bloom. The blooms are falling now, maybe the stench will as well. Daffodils are also in bloom, along with morning glory, forsythia & some blooms that I can't identify.

Tatting meeting tomorrow. Wheee! I have two projects to take along, the thread for the shawl, and thread for Anitra. I also have to get my car inspected, the earlier the better.

books: finished Vampire Interrupted.

clothes: black tennies & jeans, black t-shirt "Are You a Player" from the now non-existent End Zone. Jewelry is long silver chain & quartz point with etched feather, feather earrings, fem-power rings, flower band, onyx ring, hematite ring & braided hair.

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