Thursday, March 27, 2008

My hand still itches. I'm afraid to put anything on it for fear of making it worse.

I joined an office pool to lose weight. Whoever loses the most weight by the beginning of June, gets it. I wonder if this is the impetus I need to lose that weight. So far, not so much; I ate 3 pieces of chocolate today. On the other hand, I went for a walk at lunch.

I went to buy my ticket to the Triangle Dance Festival on Friday. No one else is available to go with me, guess I'll go alone.

sight of the day: Muslim girl who has converted to the local religion- basketball. She's wearing a college t-shirt & matching hijab.

books: Finished Only Companion & Pocket Book of Mischief; the former at lunch & the latter on the way home.

tatting: finished 5th round. whoot!

clothes: black beaded slippers; knee-highs; black slacks & belt; dark green Geoff polo; green amber necklace, earrings & ring; black stone band; hematite band; & moss agate bead bracelet.

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