Saturday, March 29, 2008

I had no alcohol, why do I feel hungover?
Answer: I'm dehydrated. Anyway, the show was great. Chuck Davis is great and they gave him a script so the show didn't run too late. But just watching Bhangra Elite wore me out. Inversion was about as bad. All the dancers were fantastic and the spoken word artists were powerful.

book: Read Real Vampires Have Curves; it's closer to chick lit than a romance novel but a neat view of vampires. I liked it. It's also the start of a series.

Decided to eat at a local Korean BBQ restaurant for lunch. I've never had that before. I had some kind of broth soup. It was sooo good. It came with half a dozen dishes of side foods; radish cubes, spinach, bean sprouts, kimchi (spelling?), a fish (yeah, looked odd but tasted fantastic), broccoli florets with spicy sauce, & some little strips of something, a meat I think. The soup had potato noodles; never had that before either & oh yum. You know it's going to be a good ethnic restaurant when you can't read the ads or the 'community' newspapers by the door. Yeah, and all the dishes were listed in English & Korean. While I hit a slow time, I was still the only person who did not obviously have some relatives (however distant) in or from Asia.

I was going to go shopping but I developed an extremely nasty headache. So I came home and took pain meds.

dream: I don't remember much, but some guy irradiated his sheep. He thought this was a good thing. He didn't get all of them & I was trying to prevent the 'glowing' ones from contaminating the others. That involved not letting some of the lambs feed and them yelling 'but it's so gooooood.' I took a lamb that had just been born and couldn't let it feed or it would be poisoned too. I took it to Cary, who raises sheep. She was at the Village & they had a new vendor entrance to use, the top.

The ladder, I use the term loosely, was this strip of metal with ridges that curved up over the dome. So here I am, towel wrapped lamb in one hand, as I scale this not-quite-ladder. By the time I got to the top, everyone else had left me behind and I was getting tired. I finally reached up and grabbed the edge of the roof? cover. I shoved the lamb ahead of my into the small opening as I finished climbing enough to get inside. The top floor had a film theater and a couple restaurants. It was a private little mall for the Village of Yesteryear vendors.

clothes: black tennies & jeans, red Hurricanes t-shirt, USS NC battleship sweatshirt, flower pendant, butterfly earrings, flower band, and loose hair.

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