Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I made it into work today. I would have called in sick again but there's just too much to do that's time sensitive; as in 'people's paychecks rely upon it' sensitive. My stomach managed some soda and a cereal bar but it's not happy. I hope I at least get everything time sensitive done. Everything else can wait.

This morning so far: struggle with the on-line personnel system hating me; 5 phone messages (that was easy, forward 2, note 1, follow-up on 2); room reservation; and noting what needs to be done & prioritizing.

books: who felt like reading? I tried, I failed. Not enough attention span.

TV: watched part of Predator last night. I went to bed before it ended, though.

clothes: black ~slippers, black jeans, black belt, silver buckle, black polo (2001 Ren Fest), fem power ring, hematite band, black tatted necklace & matching earrings, and braided hair with a black elastic.

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