Sunday, September 09, 2007

Back from Tat Days! It was near the small town of Winsboro, in White Oak Conference Center this year. Anitra, Stephanie & I drove down in Stephanie's Outback, starting about 7 am. We arrived in time for lunch & the first class at 1:30 pm. We all three took 2 classes (though it wasn't the same one, I think) and then it was off to the banquet. After supper, we went to the fun & games, once again, Mark won the speed tatting competition, 17 triple flowers (pre-set pattern) in 15 minutes. All three of us went to night owls (the until midnight tat & chat) and learned to sing a Dutch song, led by Riet. I left about 10 or 11, tired. Anitra & Stephanie followed soon after.

The next morning I went to the early birds, it started at 6 am. Too bad the buildings were still locked. So we started tatting by the exterior lights. I'd gotten started, made a mistake, and started retro-tatting by the time they unlocked the doors. I did complete my little bauble that Karey designed. Off to breakfast, meeting the other two, and then off to more classes. I did not finish my cluny bookmark, barely got started good. I really needed to practice my cluny leaves before the weekend. I did finish Jane's frog, red with blue toes. It's tres cute.

More fun and games after supper. First was tatting terms bingo. We played 4 rounds. I was about to ask if you got a prize for having the same number every round (6, 6, 6 & then 7) but then I didn't the last round. The scavenger hunt was fun. I was on a team with Steve & Anitra; but then went to another team so they'd have more players. My team had 6 people, my former team had 7. Two of the people in my group didn't have any of their stuff; they'd packed to fly out today. We still finished only 3 points behind the winning team (guess who!). Janice called out a list of items, then people searched through their stuff to see if they had it. Which reminds me, I need to buy a curved beading needle. I bought a small bead spinner, and it did not come with one.

I bought a few books, some thread and some other fun stuff. I have a present for Kathy now (hand dyed sock yarn). I also have an idea about some gifts to make. Karey's bauble has some great potential. I am much better on self-closing mock ring & I might finally have a clue to mastering the split chain. The continuous join method of Jane's adds an interesting touch to edgings.

After breakfast & some more chattering this morning, we finally left. It was great fun, but I think I've succumbed to another illness. Not so whee. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch and I found a present for Liz (book on raising chickens) and a package of beads that might do Karey's baubles but lightweight enough for earrings.

video of the day: Jo Brand, aka Sea Monster, British Comedian

books: On the trip, I read bk 2 & 3 of Mamotte! Lollipop and bk 4 of Pet Shop of Horrors (I thought it was book 1, oh well) and then Kitty Takes a Holiday.

tv: yeah, right. Saw Serenity on DVD tonight and before that Torchwood & part of Dr. Who this evening.

clothes: Friday it was aqua tank under white net, blue jeans, navy loafers, chain mail earrings, etc. Saturday I wore black jeans, Palmetto 2007 Tat Days tshirt, flower fairy pendant, flower pendant, and a braid. Today it was the orange Carolina Ren Festival t, blue jeans, navy loafers & celtic knot jewelry.

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