Monday, September 17, 2007

It's cool! This morning my nose even got cold! I sat outside at lunch, in the shade (sun & black clothes still was a little too warm) and just gloried in the beautiful weather. Fall may finally be on its way.

Commuting music: Pon De Replay, Walkin' After Midnight, Before He Cheats & I started Get The Party Started before the noise from the bus drowned it out.

I have an entry for yesterday, I just need an internet connection with my laptop long enough to post it. If all else fails, I'll load it to my thumb drive and use a computer lab.

tatting: I failed, once again, to get anywhere on Jane's wheelbarrow. Apparently, I've forgotten how to read a pattern. So I've put it aside & I'm doing a heart from Martha's Tat's Amore. I've started the small scallop heart & by the time I finished my commute this morning, I'd finished the 2nd row.

Books: I read Excalibur Alternative online from Baen's library. At lunch, I finished on of the books that I started Saturday, Touch of Darkness by Dodd.

site of the day: fill out the form using the drop down menus

clothes: black ~slippers (I could have worn socks today, it's cool enough), black slacks, black v-neck tank, sage green rayon shirt machine stitch 'sketched' blocks of leaves & geometrics, emerald pendant & earrings, hematite band, red stone ring, silver clip watch & red wood hairstick in ponytail/bun.

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