Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Morning commute soundtrack: (my "Wake Me Up" playlist) Walk Away, Mr. Brightside, Me & Bobby McGee, You Wanna Get Me High, Too Bad About Your Girl, Roses Grow, I Want To Be Peter Lorre, Just Like a Pill, I've Got a Theory, & started Head Over Heels as I arrived at work.

TV: Watched the new episode of Bones & nothing else of real interest.

books: finished Sex & the Psychic Witch. It was a pretty good story but more sex than I found enjoyable. I really do read romances for the plots. I started Thraxas and the Sorcerers and read one of the ebooks that I bought. Started reading Witch Hunter (gamebook).

clothes: black ~slippers & jeans, Vorkosigan polo, plaited hair, silver pendant (which is upside down I just realized), Celtic knot ring, ~rope band, hematite band, silver chain bracelet, clip watch, & ~filigree earrings.

And I'm fighting off depression. Again.

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