Friday, September 28, 2007

News: Oh, Myanmar worries me. I worry what will happen to all of those monks & protesters. I weep for the family of Nagai, the Japanese journalist who was killed.

I managed to miss the bus this morning. I got halfway & realized that I'd left my id & pass in the car last night (it was the 1st time I'd driven my car in a month, I think). By the time I made it to the stop, it was too late. I caught the next one and got to work only 20 minutes late. Short lunch for me today.

Tonight I'm going to see my mom, who's visiting her sisters down at the coast. Then Sunday afternoon, we'll go to the reunion for descendants of Eugene & Suzy Johnson (my great-grandparents). After that, I'll be coming home. And frantically doing laundry & packing for my trip to Virginia. I do not have enough clothes to get through 10 days without laundry. None of us (Chris, me, Rosemary), so we'll be spending part of one day of our vacation, doing laundry. Whee!

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