Friday, September 21, 2007

Somehow, between the time that I got off the bus & the time that I actually to work, I acquired a huge blue inkstain on the heel of my hand. Washing it at least reduced it to a smaller, fainter, purple stain. I just want to know where I got it.

It started raining on the way home last night. It was still raining, sort of, when I disembarked the bus & the car passed it, narrowly missing me. It's a 2-lane road, so the car crossed the double yellow line to do it. Apparently, the driver never learned the lesson about not passing a stopped bus, because you know THERE MIGHT BE SOMEONE GETTING OFF OF IT! The 2nd car that was passing it, stopped to let me finish crossing the road. Anyway, the rain wasn't enough for me to put up my umbrella. I had it out, but not up.

Gaming: Diana picked me up from home yesterday and we were on the highway by 6:54. Alas, traffic was really bad (everyone's forgotten how to drive in the rain, again - and this wasn't even a heavy rain). We stopped to pick up some supper & a couple sodas (Arby's & a gas station respectively) and made it to David's a little after 7. Chris & Rosemary showed up a little later, bringing supper for me, too. Ooops. I'll eat it for lunch today.

We were a little late getting started but apparently David has not finished mining my character's backstory for plot. For our first adventure involving the probationary Freedom Leaguer: Kodachrome (Diana's new character), we're trying to stop a robbery. Lady Celtic (Rosemary's character), while investigating the attempted theft of the Staff of Ra, has found more thefts dating back for months. The stolen artifacts are Native American & Egyptian, and they all have some magical connection or potential. In addition, they all have travel elements. She also finds newspaper coverage of an exhibit to open in Phoenix that has what looks like another prime target, a ceremonial coyote mask.

We guard, Kodachrome gets knocked unconscious by having all the air sucked out of her lungs. We fight 4 elemental types but are holding our own when time was called. We'll pick it up again in 2 weeks. Or whenever we meet again.

Morning commute soundtrack: Complicated, My World, You're My Sugar, Tuscaloosa, Turn Around, Gone To California, Run, Run, Run, & Roll Over Beethoven. They're all part of my 'Wake Up' playlist.

books: I finished In the Heart of Darkness & started Destiny's Shield. I dipped into Diplomatic Immunity & read a few more pages of The Marriage Spell.

tatting: I started undoing my bauble & I almost have the 2nd ring completely retro-tatted.

clothes: black loafers & socks (too bad the socks are thin & the loafers flop on feet cause they're a scoche too big), black jeans (that really need a belt), black Origins shirt, red bead bracelet, dragon earrings, pendant & 3 rings, hematite band, & braided hair held by grey elastic.

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