Friday, September 28, 2007

Supper at a Cracker Barrel: I managed to get my car problem straightened out and even made it to Cracker Barrel on time. My problem was that I wasn't certain if it was the right Cracker Barrel. There were two possibilities: the one that I've been meeting my Dad at & the one that we met at last time. The latter is closer to me so I stopped there, thinking that if I didn't see him, my Dad was probably at the other one.

He pulled in as I was pulling out. Good timing, that. We were seated right away & I gave him his birthday present, in a wrapsack. The waitress came to take our order and when she'd left, his present had disappeared. No, she didn't take it & it didn't drop of the floor. He hid it. Like I've long said, if I'm a smart aleck, blame my family; it's their fault.

We had a nice supper, then afterwards we sat in rocking chairs on the porch in the lovely weather. The moon was full, though not visible from the porch. Kathy, my stepmom, knitted, I tatted and we all talked. Dad gave me a picture of himself & my brother from my brother's wedding day and an old stone tube bead necklace. The pendant had broken but I think I can replace it. The stone is a dark blue, I suspect it might be sodalite.

They also found a bookmark with my initial that they'd meant to give me for my birthday.

Dad & Kathy identified the nut that I found the other day (that I've been using as a worry stone type thing). It's a hickory nut. They come in this thick rind (that can be dried & used for dye). The nut is then about 2" across. Once you break it open, it has this little dab of nut meat.

site of the day: Kiva, an organization that makes it possible for people who have money to lend money to people who don't (so I can lend money to someone in Mexico so she can expand her grocery store business. She expands her business, she repays the loan, I get my money back with a little interest. I can either keep it or loan the money out again). This rocks!

tatting: I've made progress on my necklace. I decided to enlarge the rings after the 1st five and after 10 I started adding the beads to the chains. That may have been too soon. I hope not. I'v also decided to only use 48 beads and my next choice is whether to do a couple bald chains to frame a chain to suspend a pendant. I don't have anything suitable but I have to figure out what I'm going to do in only 3 more chains.

clothes: black ~slippers & slacks, dark green Geoff polo, green amber jewelry (ring, necklace & post earrings), ~rope band, hematite band, floral band ring, & my hair pulled back, about half in a ponytail & the rest loose. Over the ponytail elastic I'm wearing a hair slide, except mine is a simple leather cord in a figure 8 with a green black & green cabochon set in 'brass' filigree over the center. It also has brass rose bead, brass coil & another brass rose bead on either side of the bottom part of the '8'. Descending from the rose beads are the same black & green cabochons set in 'brass' filigree (one from the 2 center rose beads & then to a triangle of 3, 2, 1 & a total of 6 brass dangle drops from the outside of the triangle of cabochons). The stick is simply brown wood capped by a rose cap the same as the rose bead & a brass dangle drop to match the others.

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