Wednesday, September 05, 2007

site/story of the day: My dad sent me an email about a truck accident, I checked it with Snopes & if it didn't happen exactly like the email said, it's still pretty impressive.

I completely forgot my keys yesterday. Luckily, I was going out to eat with John & his Mom (a much belated birthday supper) but I still got home an hour before Chris did. I tried to read by streetlight but that made my eyes hurt. I was so tired, I was almost asleep, leaning against the front door.

The supper was nice. We went to Bali Hai, which has very good Mongolian barbecue. They've been around close to 20 years. Afterwards we went to Cold Stone Creamery for dessert. They were training so there were lots of people waiting to help but not many customers.

I guess I didn't eat enough though because I woke up at 2:30 this morning absolutely ravenous. It was 2 hours before I went back to bed. I'm a little tired, in addition to the lack of energy caused by my cold.

books: I bought Beyond Seduction after work, knowing that I'd need to kill some time. It's the 6th in the Bastion Club series by Stephanie Laurens. I finished Hero, Come Back at lunch. I think maybe I hadn't read all three of the stories in it.

tatting: I finished off the pink thread from the shuttle. I made a couple butterflies & the flowers from this year's Palmetto tat off.

clothes: black slippers, slacks, & belt; silver clip watch, flower band ring, hematite ring, white tank top under rose surplice top (that frankly is a little snug for a woman of my girth, & the sleeves aren't more than caps - I'm wearing my shawl in the office I'm so cold), silver hoop earrings (wide, edged with ~silver beading), doubled silver chain (matching bracelet made it long enough to double, single it was at the same height as my neckline), braided silver ring (2 strands of 2 silver wires & 1 twisted silver wire braided together) & 2 matching bracelets. My hair is up in a ponytail/bun affixed with the smoke/black hairstick with rhinestones. The earrings, necklace & bracelet are more of those that I just got from my mom. I've had the ring but not the matching bracelets, til now.

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