Monday, September 03, 2007

I seem to have a cold. My throat hurts (up to my nose), my head hurts, the usual. I've taken something for it; maybe I'll be able to make it to Mya's party. I'm still waiting to see if the cold medicine works. If not, Chris will have to deliver the presents.

books: I reread The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever and ...something else. I just can't remember what. Head hurts.

tatting: I'm doing an edging for a cross stitch project that Kathy is doing for Mya's room. I got 11+ inches done on Saturday but only another 8" yesterday. I need 30" total. It's a simple 3ds 3 p separated by 3 ds, ds rings with 3ds p 3 ds chain edging from Rebecca Jones's book. It's a very simple, traditional one in soft pink DMC perle 8.

Gaming: Saturday we played the final session of Red Hand of Doom. However, with the new end of LG rules, it cost no TUs. So I can continue to play my Bright Lands barbarian this year after all. Mike drove down Saturday morning to play it with us. With his arcane caster, it went a lot better than the last 3 parts. We still needed at least one delay death & only a well-timed Bears Endurance made my barbarian's rage last long enough to get through the fight.

clothes: In honor of the Red Hand session, I wore my new dragon t-shirt plus my dragon jewelry (earrings, necklace & 3 rings) plus black jeans. Yesterday I wore blue jeans, a Geoff t-shirt (the one with the major NPCs of the past 5 years) and navy loafers, plus clear rainbow bead posts, pewter star/moon pendant on burgundy satin cord & ~rope band. Today it's blue jeans, navy loafters, purple fairy t-shirt (I bought at Trinic*con) paui shell pendant & earrings, flower band ring, silver ~filigree earrings, blue silicon child health bracelet. I've kept my hair braided the past 3 days.

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