Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yes I'm blonde: I really wanted to be on the road by 6:30 pm. Alas, I had to gather some books for Mom, and I had other distractions. Thus, I did not get going until 7 or so. I stopped for gas on the other side of Raleigh and promptly locked my keys in the car. Since I had my purse, I was able to get some change & use a payphone to call Chris (left my cell phone in the car). He came & picked me up (yes, I'm Southern, deal with the idiom) and we went back home to get his copy of my car key.

By the time we returned to my car, it was 10 pm. I called Mom (at my aunt's) so they weren't expecting me any more. I got something to eat at a Taco Bell (about the only thing open by that time), yes, I'd planned to stop to get something on the road; after I got gas. I crashed at Rosemary's (she was closest) and left soon after 6 am on Saturday.

I made an assumption and ended up going cattywumpus before finally getting on the right road. I did get on the right track by 6:30 am. There was a new route to my aunt's on the map and it got a little odd as I tried to find/follow it. It said 'turn left' and there was no need. Despite that, and stopping for breakfast, I made it there by 9 am. Too bad no one was really awake yet. Guess who was suddenly regretting the large diet coke she had for breakfast?

Mom fixed me something else for breakfast and we started working on the clothes that I took to get repaired. She shortened the two pairs of scrubs that I wear for pj bottoms, the loose bits on my beautiful green wrap skirt, and we worked on my jacket (the man's jacket that I decorated wth calico rose/flower appliques). It still needs some gluing to re-attach the flowers but it's much better & she fixed the torn pocket.

Aunt Shirley & I tried to get her rolled hem setting to work on her serger machine. Mom wants some scarves and it should be possible. We also learned that Aunt's Singer rolled hem foot does fit her machine. She thought that the shank was the wrong size. It fit my sewing machine, just fine.

Mom & I went by Hancock's to pick up the fabric glue & other supplies. I also picked up some trim and other stuff that was on sale. They did not have any size 16 crochet hooks, but then I was hoping not expecting.

When we came back from shopping, I had to have a nap. I was so friggin' tired. We had also stopped for groceries & Chinese food for supper. After supper we continued to work on my clothes until we'd gotten everything done (except for letting fray check & fabric glue dry).

We ate ice cream and then played chicken foot dominos. Despite a good start, Aunt Shirley beat me. Poor mom, came in last. We had two rounds left to go when Uncle Albert stopped by to say good night. And to mention that it was almost 2 am.

Pity me- I woke up about 7 am this morning. It was only 5 hours of sleep but my body knows that I'm supposed to be awake by then. I watched most of 'History of English' and then tuned into a video channel. I worked on my necklace (I have 3/4 done). I also re-did my 2nd bauble. I had to retro-tat and then tat the ring properly. I listened to some of my iTunes library & listened to one of Carry's podcasts & shared it with Aunt Shirley (who finally woke up).

While my aunt & uncle went to church, Mom & I worked on clothing repairs and I played with her new tiny serger (she picked it up for $5, new it was $80). We had left overs for lunch and then I took another nap.

Mom & I set out later than we'd planned. I got home by 7:30. About the same time Chris was leaving to check on Rosemary's animals. Driving into the setting sun is not real fun, by the way.

I still need to finish unpacking my car but as I was about to, I got a phone call. So I'm typing and talking at the same time.

I didn't get any reading done. Big surprise. Listened to lots of music though.

clothes: t-shirts yesterday & today (Celtic cross on burnt orange & burgundy NC flint arrows chronology), jeans both days & navy loafers. I even wore the same Celtic knot jewelry.

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