Monday, September 24, 2007

Hallucinations? For some unknown reason, I woke up & thought I saw light outside my window. I checked my clock, thinking that I had somehow slept through the alarm & was thus running late. Very late. I was more than a bit surprised when I saw that it read something after 4 am. I check the window again, it was dark. So I mentally shrugged, rolled over & went back to sleep. Then when my alarm clock radio did wake me up, I swear it sounded like the weather forecast was for a high of 58F. Since yesterday's high hit about 94F, that seemed unlikely. So I stumbled down to see the tv & check the weather news. The real high was supposed to be near 90F (actually it only hit mid-80's). Odd, huh?

books: I finished Fortune's Stroke. Now I need to find the next book. I read the prologue to Scion: Demigod.

tatting: I loaded the black/brass color Czech faceted beads onto the black size 12 perle. Now I need to decide what pattern to use. I only have 49 beads, I lost one.

writing: I've now written cards to both of my father's sisters. That just leaves 7 more to write.

Chris's game is tonight. I need to clear off the table first. It has the most recent mail and Chris's cds (he's looking for one that's gone missing) all over it.

clothes: black ~slippers (I saw a student wearing an identical pair at lunch), black jeans, lilac polo, almost matching animalrescue site silicon bracelet, fem/dancer ring, flower band, mostly hidden flower fairy pendant, hematite band, butterfly earrings & plaited hair.

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