Thursday, September 27, 2007

I got another 2007 quarter yesterday, a Wyoming. I collect 2 of each of the State Quarters. I'm up to date until this year. I have the 1st two of this year but not Idaho yet. I need another Wyoming, both Idaho's & both Utah's. I really wonder why I haven't gotten them. The year is drawing to a close, after all.

Morning commute soundtrack: In the Jailhouse Now, Somebody Told Me, Wasted Youth (prologue), Whole Lot of Shakin' Goin' On, BackDoor Lover, Bomshel Stomp, DuJour Around the World, You're A Star (2 Josie & the Pussycats Songs, out of 215, in a row, 2 total), You're My Sugar, I'm Just a Girl & I started I'm a Woman as I entered the office. I restarted that one for my evening commute soundtrack.

TV: I watched the new Bionic Woman & the new detective series Life. Alas, that means I was up to 11, just from watching TV. Then my depression kicked in & I couldn't get to sleep until after midnight. *sigh* Being short of sleep doesn't help.

books: I read more of Witch Hunter. And some of Grantville Gazette #6. That's pretty much it.

I met with a MetLife agent yesterday. We talked about life insurance & retirement investing (that's investing money to live off of when I retire). I need to see if I have whole life or term life (he defined what those were & now I even understand them. Wow). Once they see what I have, they'll advise me whether it would be better to move my investments to them or keep them where they are & whether I need different life insurance. Yep, I'm getting old.

I'm supposed to meet Dad for supper tonight. But first, I have to get some things done about my car.

tatting: My neck is about 17" (for purposes of the necklace length, it isn't really that long). 5 rings is 1". It's only 49 beads but for the sake of math, we'll call it 50, so about 5 beads per inch (1 bead per chain), that's another 10". I need about 3" (or 15 rings) of 'bald' tatting on either side of the beads to make them balanced. Now that I know that, I can resume tatting.

clothes: black ~slippers, faded black slacks, grey polo (2002 Ren Festival), black bead bracelet, onyx earrings, labradorite pendant (it's very small), hematite band, clip watch & braided hair.

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