Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Tuesday that feels like a Monday. That's the problem with a holiday; right?

I definitely have a cold. I woke up about half-a-dozen times before my alarm clock went off this morning. I went to bed about 9:30 & the first time I woke up was around 11 pm or so. My sinuses are draining, which makes my throat hurt. This is probably the same cold that Chris had last week.

I need to pack for this weekend, after doing laundry. Chris almost finished fixing the downstairs toilet last night. He needs a second pair of hands for the last bit. I need to refresh myself about which classes I'm taking & what I need before class (shuttles pre-loaded etc). We'll be leaving about 7 am, so I'll be staying at Anitra's overnight. Since Thursday is the Mutants & Masterminds game, I was going to get a ride from Diana. If I do that, I need a way home on Sunday.

books: That other one that I read this weekend was Wintersmith. Yesterday I re-read Eater of Souls. Today, I pulled out the anthology Hero, Come Back to re-read.

I tried to write some last night. Trying to create a run (using Shadowrun 4.0 & The GM emulator) but my brain feels like it's wrapped in cotton batting.

tatting: I finished the 30" of edging & then we realized, after I'd ended it, that it's not enough. I finally found the formula to figure out the circumference of an oval & we (I) need another 3-5". I may fake it by doing a bow or something of the like.

clothes: black slippers, slacks, belt & polo; 2001 Renaissance Festival one, purple & frost bead bracelet, ~rope band, flower band, hematite band, flower fairy pendant & butterfly earrings. The earrings & bracelet are the ones mom gave me when I went to see her.

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