Sunday, September 23, 2007

Met Chris's mom for breakfast so it was early to rise this morning. After we stopped by to talk to his dad (& I got some rosemary clippings & a basil plant), we picked up the used books and headed out. I picked up my manga at FE (ouch, little $$) and I bought the new Scion gamebook. I also dropped off the Workbaskets for Leigh. We went to McKay's to sell some books; they took about half of them. The other half will probably go to Bookcrossing. We worked on Chris's birthday list and stopped by Target.

I bought Exalted: Lunars at McKay's, Avril Lavigne's cd The Best Damn Thing & the cd Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey.

books: read Tactics bk 2, Hibiki's Magic bk 2, The Key To the Kingdom book 1, Fantamir bk 1 & part of Devil Takes a Bride.

tatting: I worked on emptying two of my shuttles. I made another of the small scallop hearts then a single ring flower and a butterfly.

clothes: navy loafers, blue jeans, brown belt, blue & white tie-dye striped t-shirt with wolves on it, blue silicon hungersite bracelet. moonstone ring, hematite band, moonstone earring, moonstone cabochon pendant & braided hair.

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