Sunday, September 16, 2007

This morning was almost chilly, not quite, but almost. Lunchtime, the weather was fantastic. For the first time, going outside at midday didn't feel like being slapped in the face by a hot, wet towel.

Late last evening, we got the probable address from Joe M. and looked at mapquest. Thanks to the wonky internet connection we only got partial map but full directions. Chris knew a shortcut, we took that, and then found where the directions began from there.

We went through a couple other small towns and stopped by a McD's to get breakfast. We arrived just a couple minutes after nine am. Then Joe was late but really, the GM is never late. John B was there, along with Dan W, Dave W & Rosemary.

We played most the Living Greyhawk BI, broke for lunch (ah, the thrill of Wendy's) & then finished up. It was loads of fun but later my stomach just was not happy about it. Apparently, yogurt for dessert and pizza for supper were both bad decisions. After the BI we playtested the premier that follows it. Very interesting. I meant to play Nadia but ended up laying Reed. Ah well. At least she didn't die this time.

I read a little of Guards, Guards but that's all the time that I had for.

Clothes: jeans, navy loafer, orange autumn fairy t-shirt, green/black bead bracelet, paui ring, fem/dancer ring, hematite ring, new lapis bead earrings, paui shell pendant and did have light blue hair elastic but loaned it to Rosemary & put hair up with red-brown hairstick in ponytail/bun.

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