Wednesday, January 24, 2007

When will I learn? Once again I stayed up a little too late. This time I was playing games on my computer.

knitting: the yarn is now small enough to conceal in my fist. The scarf is about 6' long. Almost done.

books: I stopped reading Dark Prince, I got out of that mood. I haven't started anything else but I brought a Dick Francis to work with me. I read a little more of Trickster's Queen.

clothes: black Geoff polo under the same sweater as yesterday (which I took off because I'm a trifle warm), black jeans (the ones my mom hemmed), black suede shoes (like suede keds in some ways), black stone ring, Celtic knot earrings & ring & andromorph pendant on long (same) chain. Braided my hair again, too.

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