Monday, January 29, 2007

Living Greyhawk: Since the mod that I ran on Saturday is still active, I can't give any details (unfair to those who haven't played it). But the big bad at the end? The really big battle? Lasted 3 rounds. Two of which the big bad cast defensive spells. In the 3rd round, the offensive spell backfired & killed the bad guy. Yeah. The game ended early.

Forgotten Realms: Rosemary ran her home game for the first time since November. I missed the last session or two so they had to recap. We didn't, quite, break the adventure. But we did change history (our characters are 12 years in the past, during the time the gods were booted out of the divine realms & were wandering amidst their worshippers). We are in Tantris, where Torm is about to fight Bane. Our paladin/cleric of Torm is disturbed by rumors (with some evidence) that people who don't worship Torm are disappearing. While staying at the temple, he, duh, prays. While his god is about 30 feet away. Gee, guess who answers. As a result, Torm spends the morning finding out the truth about these rumors. The high priest (& his cronies) who has wandered to LN instead of LG finds himself booted out of the the god himself.

Rosemary found a way that our Torm paladin doesn't volunteer to serve as a divine power bar like the rest of the Torm faithful (backstory: Bane was coming, filled with power from the worshippers he'd gotten killed, Torm needed to match that power but wouldn't murder people to do it - instead he asked his followers to volunteer to power his avatar. They would die but it was voluntary. As part of it, he promised that he would not take their children & would make certain that they were protected. Our paladin was one of those children, both his parents died for Torm that day). It was a worry about how we would prevent our paladin from dying before his to speak.

Note: velour skirt & nylon coat have issues. The lining of my coat kept riding up this morning.

toothache: my tooth & jaw hurts again this weekend. Not badly enough that I grabbed the heavy painkiller but enough that I looked for soft foods to eat.

forgetful me: I got halfway to the bus stop this morning & realized that I'd left my purse on the couch. I almost turned around to get it but realized that if I did, I'd miss the bus. As it was, I almost did. I had to run to catch it.

Books: I re?-read Scoundrel by Debra Dier. It's a decently good Regency with a different premise. Girl only wants to marry for love but after 5 years of Seasons, she figures it's going to take awhile. Meanwhile her sisters aren't allowed to have their Seasons until she gets married. So she fakes a whirlwind elopement & a fake (immediately returned to his troops) military husband. However, there's someone smuggling arms to the French (Napoleonic era, remember) using her father's shipping company. Her father is a suspect. So a government agent is sent to investigate & he takes the identity of her fake husband. She can't denounce him as a fake without a 'real' husband so she's stuck. There are some other, somewhat entertaining complications. While not a 'omg what an incredible book', it is a good, entertaining book with a nice mix of suspense & humor. I also re-read the first book in the Immortals series by Tamora Pierce, Wild Magic. It's a fave. I bought & read Terrier: Beka Cooper by the same author; it's her latest. I also read vol 1 of Ouran High School Host Club & vol 1 of Hibiki's Magic. There's another manga that I read this weekend but I don't remember which one.

clothes: This weekend I stuck to black t-shirts, jeans & tennis shoes. I also wore a large black, buttoned shirt over it, that whole layered, cool vs warm thing. Today, since it's so cold, I'm wearing my tall (black) boots, leggings, (brown, velour, broomstick) skirt, (fuschia) turtleneck & (dark teal blue) sweater. I braided my hair & I'm wearing celtic knotwork jewelry.

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