Thursday, January 11, 2007

Raptor 3 It was there again this morning (but yesterday evening when I got home). I really need to get out of the house early enough to use my telephoto lens to get a better look at it.

Big Jake We watched this last night (& I stayed up late to see the end). It's a good movie with some great quotes. The actor who played Sam Sharpnose is the same guy who saved Faye Wray in King Kong. I also played some computer games & entered some books at Librarything (see 'my bookshelf') on the links to the right).

Books I finished Sleeping with the Fishes at lunch yesterday. I sort of started Bloodsucking Fiends this morning before reverting to Nothing to Fear But Ferrets.

Clothes Black slacks (w/ leggings underneath - it's coooold this morning), socks, & loafers, with a dark green turtleneck & ~patchwork black/tan/cream vest with Chinese coin toggle/buttons (vest is reversible). My jewelry is my green amber set along with the ~rope band ring & the fem figure ring. I've alternated between braiding my hair (w/ a bright green elastic) & letting it hang loose. Either way, I have two small dark grey hair clips trying to keep the 'used to be bangs but now growing out' strands out of my face.

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