Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tasks I haven't gotten much done. But I have pulled 25 books from my piles to go to the used bookstore. I took a short bath, washed my hair, the usual. I took a pain pill but so far it's only made me dizzy. I've also put some items aside to go to Goodwill/Thrift shop. That results in cleaning up the foyer (big word, small area) so I'll have room to put up my shoes again.

Tooth Extraction: I talked to Rosemary. From what she's told me, I've changed my mind about getting my tooth removed first thing. I thought that afterwards I could go to work but she says that once the anesthetics wear off, I'll be in a lot of pain. So better to work half a day & then go get my tooth removed. I'll call the office on Monday & see about rescheduling.

Neat website (shopping): Global Crafts for your fair trade shopping needs

New button for my blog: I'm adding the button for the yahoo group, Here-be-tatters. So I'm off to edit my template.

books the book I read was Christmas Fantasy not Fantasy Lover. It's by Janelle Denison, an author that I like. I also re-read Trickster's Choice. I have it in hardback. I really like Tamora Pierce. I finished reading If Only in My Dreams. I liked it but I don't think that I'll re-read it. It's about an actress in a WWII period film, who learns that she has cancer right before shooting starts. Then on the first day of filming, she finds herself suddenly back in time, meeting the people that her film is about. It's a good love story (the ending is actually happy), but it's somewhat bittersweet.

clothes rainbow tie-dyed Chicago 2000 tour tee, blue jeans & slippers (unless I end up going outside).

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