Friday, January 05, 2007

Nebraska Ice Storm: This guy has photos that just have to be seen to be believed. We get ice storms around here, but not like that! The multitude of trees helps to prevent that.

knitting: I now have over 3 feet of scarf made. The ball of yarn is perceptibly smaller. I've been tucking it into the middle of the loom; I have to be careful doing that now, lest it fall into the scarf.

tatting: I found my picot gauge. Tatting can re-commence. Once I've joined the new thread in...again. Once again the variegated red thread broke.

stuff: The power cord that I left at James' & Liz's arrived yesterday. Thank goodness. My laptop battery only has a few hours of life in it.

I was only able to meet Carry briefly yesterday (just after the building closed). I didn't even get to show her my scarf (but I showed my neighbor Nancy this morning, on the way to the bus stop). She had a dvd for me & her SO's old palm. I haven't gotten it started yet but maybe I can do that this weekend.

books Betsy the Vampire Queen arrived the other day, but since it's hardback, I'm only reading it at home. I'm also reading The Devil's Bride, Nothing to Fear but Ferrets & I just finished Star Soldiers at lunch. I'm having a hard time sticking to one book, does it show? Plus I've got Sherrilan Kenyon's latest started.

clothes: I really need to do laundry. Part of the reason (plus the weather) I'm wearing a denim jumper over a blue & white striped shirt, with short sleeves, yet. In January! I'm not even wearing boots, I'm wearing white tennis shoes (w/ navy socks). Turns out that they opened the road early, Monday I'll resume wearing loafers & other office appropriate footwear to work. No more extra 10 minute walks before & after work.


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