Sunday, January 21, 2007

Books I took almost 30 books to the used bookstore & brought back less than 10. I bought 3, picked up 5 free ones (most of which will be set free). I took back 2 (trade paperback & another). I bought Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain & 2 manga. I also moved some books around (like the immense amount in the bathroom went to the closet). I listed all the ones in the stacks closest but not next to the bed

Living Greyhawk: In today's I'm playing my barbarian, Kayla Swordspinner, and it's only her second time outside the territories outside the Bright Lands. She's a little puzzled, it's very different from what she's used to.

Hair oddities: I pulled my hair up into a knot with rest of my hair in a ponytail. I have two frosted blue acrylic hairsticks with 4 tiny rhinestones to hold the knot into place. Most of my hair is pulled back smoothly. Except. Except two strands that form little loops that flop to one side. Very odd.

Addendum: weatherwise we dodged the bullet. We had some sleet & freezing rain yesterday but the ground is still too warm for the ground level water to freeze. And then it warmed up just enough for the rain to remain liquid, not frozen. It's less than pleasant but it's not dangerous.

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