Thursday, January 18, 2007

toothache Monday afternoon, as I was leaving Jacksonville, my right molar started hurting. It got so bad, that it woke me at 3:30 am Tuesday. I went to work & looked up a dentist. I have an appointment in a few minutes. I bought some orajel & I took painkillers, but at best the various medications put a dent in the pain, which got bad enough that the aura of pain extended to give me an earache. I went to bed at 7:30 pm, woke at 8:30 and occasionally napped but the longest span of time to stay asleep was 2 hours. I was ready to weep with pain. I finally understood how a toothache could drive someone mad.

I slept almost half an hour by the time my alarm went off, so I went to work Wednesday. I lasted for half an hour before I had to get some sleep. I slept for 40 minutes and my boss sent me home. Of course, I missed the 9:20 bus & the next one headed in the right direction is not until 11:34. So I took one to the RTP station. It was way too cold to wait outside. I slept in the station and took the 11:15 bus home. Luckily I'd parked at the shopping center (I was not up to my usual walk), so I bought some more painstuff and some soup to drink. It's been hard to eat (duh) so I was starving, again.

After I drank some broth, I napped in my car & then drove the mile to get home. And slept. And drank more soup. And napped. The new pain stuff really helped. Right now, my tooth hurts a little but it's the difference between a balpeen hammer & a sledge hammer.

Snow It snowed this morning. Since the ground is warm (~40F I think I heard), the snow melted on the roads, etc. So it was more pretty than dangerous. Alas, it turned to rain & mostly melted away.

cellphone I have a new one. And the difference between technology meant that I got a new number. Here's the silly part. I had to call someone with caller id to find out my new number.

books I've read a few since Friday. There's Girl's Guide to Witchcraft by Melinda Klasky. That's chick lit but I enjoyed it. There's no happily ever after but she does end on a happier note. A librarian at a small, Colonial-focused library finds a secret stash of books on witchcraft & accidentally casts a spell. Dark Whispers by Samantha Carver; quasi-paranormal romance in Historical England. The heroine partially owns a bookshop & she's not rich, etc. The hero is a Bow Street Runner and also not rich. I liked it. I re-read Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart by Jane Lindskold, a fantasy adventure. There's also Pleasure Slave, a fantasy romance by Gena Showalter. That one has an interesting premise, a warrior is cursed to 'reside' in a jewelry box and do whatever the owner (female) wants. She owns an antique/junk shop and it was better than the premise promised. There was more to the story than it appeared at first.

clothes Over the weekend I wore jeans & t-shirts. Since I only packed one (I thought it would be cooler so I took turtlenecks), it was lucky that Aunt Dot gave me some. They all have Miami Parks Dept on them. She can't give them to anyone in Miami because several have 'supervisor' or lifeguard on them. Tuesday I wore a blue/purple cotton/poly shirt (looks purple & then blue as the light shifts), grey corduroy vest and black jeans. Wednesday I wore a pink turtleneck, black jeans, black ugh boots (warm) and forgot to wear jewelry. Today, I wore black jeans, red turtleneck sweater, & black loafers.

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