Monday, January 08, 2007

So Hungry Last night I (we) had supper at Crazy Fire, a great Mongolian-style barbecue restaurant. By we, I mean Chris, Anitra, Steve & I. I love Crazy Fire, but last night, when we got home, Crazy Fire did not love me. Erk. I finally got to bed, with tummy still hurting, about midnight. Just in time to have anxiety dreams. I don't remember much but it was very childhood heroes (like Winnie the Pooh-type heroes) turn evil. I was desperately trying to get a message out to the dragon, who'd help me rescure the rest of the toys, if I could just get a letter to him.

This morning I'm absolutely ravenous. And of course, late to bed & uneasy dreams = late rise & no time to fix anything for breakfast. I stopped by the store & picked up a Luna bar. Ate 2 Luna bars by lunch, still starving (they just put a pause in the hunger, not a full stop).

Rain hazards
It's raining this morning, which is a good thing. The drought a year before last is vivid enough in my memory that I try not complain about a little rain. The thing that I will complain about is the worms. See, the situation is this. I take the bus to work. And since the bus stop is not immediately outside my house, I walk to the stop. My neighborhood has some very nice paths; I hesitate to call them sidewalks because they are rarely right next to the road. There is often a hill, trees or both between road & path; a good thing I think you'll agree.

Since there are trees next to the path for most of the length that I follow it, it's not surprising that there are often leaves on it. Also, since many of those trees are pines, there are often needles on the path. The grounds people do a good job of keeping the paths clear enough of leaves & needles that it's rarely a walking hazard. Except when it's raining. Did you know that an earthworm, one that's straight, can be mistaken for a brown pine needle? And vice versa? I try not to walk on worms, we need them for our soil & plants, but walking along that path during the rain is like walking through a crawling mine field.

books I borrowed Braced 2 Bite from Steve last night. And read it while waiting for my digestive system to straighten itself out. I also read Tail of the Moon, vol 1.

clothes Yesterday was blue jeans, old blue Chimeracon tee, quartz pendants & moonstone pendant necklace, silver feather & quartz chip earring (that Steve had to fix over supper as one feather came off the wire), flower band & ~rope band, with navy socks & dark brown loafers.

Today, for work, it's black jeans, socks & loafers with black/green Harrington Steading polo with black ring, silver hoops earrings & flower fairy necklace.

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