Tuesday, January 23, 2007

sleepy I ended up staying awake to watch CSI: Miami last night. I probably shouldn't have as it shorted me of sleep. It was a pretty good episode, though.

site of the day: Sci Fi, Fantasy & Horror Book review site. I need to take a look to see if our tastes mesh but so far so good from the ones that I've scanned (& I found that the next Kitty book comes out in March).

Books: Finished Desire, and finished re-reading Unlikely Alliance by Jayne Ann Krentz writing as Stephanie James (Amanda Quick's real name). It's a re-issue of a very old book of hers. I can't even find a listing for it. Then I started re-reading Dark Prince by Christine Feehan. My bedtime book (ie the book I read before I fall asleep) is Trickster's Queen. Another re-read.

clothes: dark grey suede boots (yay, I lost enough weight to wear them), black jeans, black knit shirt concealed under dark fuschia sweater (w/ navy, purple & teal design near hem), braided hair, flower band ring, red & black stone rings (forgot to take them off last night), moonstone ring, rainbow moonstone earrings & rainbow moonstone pendant on same chain as yesterday. I'm also wearing a bracelet but that's hidden by my sweater cuff.

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