Friday, January 12, 2007

No raptor this morning. There was a dark clump in that tree, but I think that it was squirrel nest.

Fingernails: The number shorter than yesterday due to chipping, clipping or ripping is 7. I only clipped 2 really, the others either ripped or I chipped & then clipped. Only the middle finger on my right hand has a fingernail of anything resembling length. My left thumbnail is the shortest; showing only a thin line of white nail beyond the nail bed.

Gaming: Mutants & Masterminds last night. Only three of us showed (Diana's out of town & Rosemary had night call) but we continued along the plotline anyway. Dave sent us 'news items' from Freedom City yesterday to help prepare us for the events of the evening. Supervillains that we'd captured had been released thanks to the unconstitutional treatment by the previous prison warden. So we had to fight them again. We got lucky and took two of the hardest out quickly. The others were giving us problems. But while my character is beaten & bloody, so is one of the three remaining on their side (they started with 5, we had 3). And Wraith is creating more duplicates & that always helps.

Books: I finished NtFbF, finally. It was okay. Maybe if I'd read straight through it would have been better. I like the protagonist pretty well so I don't know what my problem with the book was. I've started Shakespeare's Champion. I took the department car to be inspected so I had extra time to read morning (waiting for transport back to office).

It's really the 2nd book in the series so I don't know why it wasn't listed in the ealier books, ie Shakespeare's Trollop. They're a mystery series set in Shakespeare, Arkansas. The protagonist is Lily Bard, a rape survivor who cleans houses and works out. Due to her experiences, she's definitely different. I kind of like her.

clothes It's cool but not as cold today but I still decided to wear a turtleneck & vest. The turtleneck is Carolina blue and the vest is navy corduroy embroidered with flowers, vines & leaves in tan, cream, sage, pale blue & lilac (the flower petals are filled in with the lilac, cream & blue). It goes well with the navy slacks and dark brown loafers. The navy trouser socks are barely visible. I went with the Celtic anthromorph pendant on one of my longer silver chains, plus Celtic knot ring & ~celtic knot earrings. On the other hand I'm wearing a braided silver ring. Since I washe d my hair this morning my bangs actually look good. I braided my hair to keep it out of the way. It won't dry but at least it won't be making my back cold.


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