Thursday, January 25, 2007

Knitting: All I have to do now, is get the scarf off the loom. I read up on how to do that, last night. Now I just need to do it.

cellphone: After a week & a half, my cell phone's charge finally ran down. It beeped incessantly, reminding me that the battery was almost out of juice. Since it's the first time that it as done so, I let it fully run out & am recharging it this morning.

sight of the day: long, black square toed shoes/maybe boots, charcoal grey jeans or slacks with frayed hem at the heels, grey/black tweed coat, black turtleneck & lighting a cigarette & carrying a black leather bag/soft briefcase. He looked like a model playing a 'college grad student/TA. Almost too stereotypical.

books: Finally started reading Odds Against, the Dick Francis I've been carrying all week. I'm about halfway through Trickster's Queen. That old Krentz that I read; it was Uneasy Alliance, not Unlikely.

Website of humor: these two ladies don't review books, they review covers. About halfway down the page I was collapsed over my keyboard with laughter.

clothes: charcoal grey suede boots under black jeans, sage green turtleneck under black faux-suede shirt, emerald & gold post earrings (from Bro & sis-in-law a couple years ago), black stone ring (I don't have any gold ones), & diamond chip & emeral heart pendant in gold (Christmas present from Chris).

Later addendum: for some reason my sock cuffs are unreasonably attracted to my ankles. They keep diving down to reach them.

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