Wednesday, January 31, 2007

tatting picture:
this is one of the ornaments that I made last year. Looks like size 80 with seed beads.

weather: why, when the temperature is almost the same, does it feel so much colder this morning? Is it because the ground temperature has cooled (it's been cool during the day & cold at night)? Yesterday, as long as I wasn't in the wind, I was fine; bundled up but fine. Today I was just as bundled up, or close enough, and I was cold - hands & face.

books: Read Beauty Pop, vol 1 & Wolf Speaker (vol 2 of Immortals). Finished Immortal in Death. Reading Ouran High School Host Club, vol 2 & Beauty Pop, vol 2.

clothes: navy slacks, suede boots (which match less well than I thought that they would), cream turtleneck, cream & country blue brocade vest, heart-shaped clay/pottern pin imprinted with a dragon in blue & cream, honking big silver pendant (almost the size of my palm) abstract in design on silver rope chain, blue bead & silver heart dangling earrings, flower band & ~rope band. Braided hair because loose hair tangles like mad when I wear the nylong coat & it's too cold not to wear my hat (bun & other styles won't fit).

update: yep, I have a cold. Head feels stuffed.

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