Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Chris's D&D: It's the first time we've played since mid-December. We finally finished up our island adventures and we'd gotten re-assigned. We were off to the dwarf stronghold of Skyreach. We stopped off in the town of Hartsford. Unfortunately, our dwarf Vertum (David) spotted his old commander; the one hit & defenestrated. Hey, he wasn't hurt that badly, they were only on the second floor. That's how Verturm ended up getting transferred from the Watch to the Scouts. And said commander had been promoted. Ick. Then my character, Kelis spotted her old commander; the one that got her transferred to the Scouts. He had also been promoted. And they were seated together. And they were the Watch & Garrison commanders for the town of Hartsford.

The caravan to Skyreach wasn't leave for seven days; Vertum & Kelis decided that they'd rather wait outside town & wait for it to catch up than stick around and risk catching unwelcome attention. Alas, it was too late. The Watch & two military inquisitors showed up, & 'found' papers stolen from the commander's office in Vertum's gear. That's where we left off, trying to figure out how to get Vertum out of the frame up & on to our assignment.

books: I finally finished Med Ship. It was really 8 stories with one theme. Some of the material is dated but the writing is still good. I think I'll look for more stuff by Murray Leinster. I started (& almost finished) re-reading Immortal in Death.

clothes: another cold day, so it's a white turtleneck, the black
(w/ blue swirls) shawl collar sweater my sister-in-law & family gave me for Christmas, black twill pants (a little loose since I bought them 15# ago), grey suede boots, moonstone earrings, ring & pendant (the large one, on silver rope chain), & flower band. I braided my hair & then had to re-braid it when I got to work. That one lock keeps escaping & looks sloppy.

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