Friday, January 26, 2007

Mutants & Masterminds game: Just when we've almost beat those superpowered neo-nazis into the ground, who shows up?! Thulish superpowered folks. Wraith was busy creating duplicates, which were getting in a couple shots & then getting destroyed. Luckily, with his teleportation he could take villains to holding cells in Freedom Hall once we'd knocked them unconscious. That kept any that regained consciousness from rejoining the fight (like Rebel who kept popping back up like a jack-in-the-box). Troll & Lady Celtic joined the fight (Diana was back in town & Rosemary didn't have nightcall - poor Diana was so tired, they'd changed her schedule so that she worked on Thursday & it had been a looong day).

Having those two helped. Lady Celtic used tk to grab the point of contention, a diary, before she got grabbed. She managed to create a pocket dimension to drop the diary into so that no one could grab it from her. Not bad considering she was blind & deaf as well as grappled. Once more Wraith scared somebody (in this case the three pilots of the Thule flying saucer/device/thingy). When that works, it works very well.

His dice turned bad, though. Against one bad guy, he had trouble rolling above a 7. On a d20. *shakes head in sympathy*

We had to call time on the fight. All of us have to go to work in the morning so we only play until 10 pm. We'll continue the fight next time. That makes it a 3 game session fight. Whew.

books: I finished Trickster's Queen this morning. I'm getting toward the end of Odds Against.

clothes: cold day today so I dressed warmly. It's the suede boots again (it feels so odd to wear something with any kind of heel, even this low bootheel), black jeans, black knit shirt (embroidered with Bugs Bunny & Tasmanian Devil playing baseball) completely concealed under a red cotton sweater with ribbed turtleneck. For jewelry, I'm wearing a pendant that Richard gave me years ago, a quartz point carved with a feather; on that silver, twisted rope chain. That's the nice thing about winter, I wear turtlenecks, etc so it's a good time to pull out my long chains. My earrings today are silver feather charms & quartz chips. I'm wearing both the red stone ring & the black stone one on the same finger & the opposite hand I'm wearing the ~rope band.

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