Monday, January 22, 2007

Weather: I'm uncertain whether to be relieved or regretful that nothing materialized overnight. We left Rosemary's late last night (about 9 pm) so I was starving. It was cold & rainy but not literally freezing. I was sooo cold, mostly I didn't dress well enough for the weather (tee, jeans, loafers & thin socks).

sight of the yesterday: Chris & I went looking at the area not too far from where he works & see what kind of housing they have. We saw one development that looked good. Only 3 houses built so far, lots of trees and half the lots were over 1.5 acres (the other half less than 1). As we turned around on a cul-de-sac to be, we startled a deer. I've never seen one with such a large white flag. It was interesting & unexpected.

sight of the day: a young woman eating her pizza using chopsticks.

: almost finished re-reading Desire by Amanda Quick. It's one of the free books that I picked up. I have a copy somewhere, so once I'm finished it, I'll release this copy 'into the wild' as it were. I like it, it's a pretty good book (obviously, since I'm re-reading it).

black ugg boots (more or less, I really need to replace them, they're too big for me), long cotton black skirt embroidered with orange, light teal, pink, white, & ~lime open flowers on one edge near the hem, burgundy turtleneck, quilted cotton bolero vest printed with not quite paisly, black stone ring, red stone ring, flower band, onyx pendant on long twisted rope chain, & onyx earrings. I've braided my hair because nothing else fits under my cap.

If you're still reading do me a favor & drop a comment. I'm curious as to how many (if any) people read this.

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