Tuesday, July 10, 2007

All Family Post - You have been warned

Dad & Kathy:
The box of books was a big one. I brought them all home, for Chris to look through, too. Whatever we don't want, will go on Book Crossing.

Dad seemed to like the set of Roy Acuff cd's. I'm glad that I finally thought of that. I had the hardest time coming up with his present. Kathy liked the Breast Cancer Awareness pink ribbon pin. I'm not sure how she felt about the historical knitting patterns from the Red Cross.

Dad also gave me the answers to some family questions that I had posed 5 years ago. Now I need to connect the questions to the answers.

We had a nice supper & some good conversation & then I headed home.

Ended up running late to see Mom because of the plumber. He called that he was on his way (& thus we turned off the water in preparation) just as I was about to take my shower. Finally made it there & Mom didn't answer the door. That worried me a little but I moved to get a phone signal & called her. Turns out, she just hadn't heard me.

We went to lunch at the Chinese buffet and then to a good thrift shop. We found some very good tank tops for me to layer. I made some better choices this time, I hope. I also found a couple books & a new pair of black heels; a pink plaid skirt, a gold brocade vest, a Pooh mug for Rosemary, but no light-colored summer shoes. I love thrift shops.

Back to Mom's apartment. I went through her blouses, selecting what fit that I liked. She's trying to weed out her clothes & I'm one of the first stops. We also 'fixed' the problem with her DVD player. She has Cyrano de Bergerac on DVD, it's one of her favorite movies.

Weird coincidence: while writing at lunch, a gentleman piped up about how furiously I was scribbling away. I mentioned that I was writing relatives & mentioned, among the others, my aunt in Harnett County. He mentioned that he was from Harnett County. So I asked if he knew my grandmother's family. He replied in the affirmative. I asked about my great-aunt specifically. He mentioned her husband's name (to make certain that we were talking about the same person). He's her nephew. So he & I are cousins by marriage.

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