Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Christmas in July Diana remembered, after a call from me, to bring the presents to gaming last night. She bought them on her trip to NYC, back in December/January. Chris & Rosemary got fabulous dragons (his is red with gold & silver horns & spikes while hers is green/white jade). John, Joe & David got good luck knot/charm things (Joe with 12 sides of jade discs lashed together, John with the Chinese Zodiac & I didn't really see David's). She gave me a chest of tea (6 varieties, 2 stacks of each, perhaps 6 bags per stack) and then an embroidered fan for my birthday (black embroidered with a peacock).

Gaming Chris's game was last night & we got a late start. So we began the fight with the kobold scouts, kobold sorcerers & the duergar disguised as trolls, but did not finish. We took care of the first wave and almost all of the kobolds of the second wave. There's one left and he's flanked. But everyone is concentrating on the other 2 troll/duergar (only 1 down so far & one's barely wounded & unseen since the 1st round after he showed up). David says that it's a fabulous fight (only the Delay Death is keeping his character Vertum from really dead at -55 hp). He usually says it's not a decent fight until Vertum loses half his hit points.

of the day: Quilt of Belonging - each block represents a country or ethnic group

books: stayed up too late after gaming to finish The Silver Ghost. This morning I will start Shooting at Loons by Margaret Maron. It's another of the books that I picked up from the used bookstore.

new drink: tried the Monster M-80 monster energy this morning. It tastes loads better than Red Bull (but then what doesn't, other than pepto bismal). It's still not something that I would drink other than for the energy, though, and not just because it's 180 cal per can.

clothes: black slacks, ~slippers, belt with white textured plaid cotton shirt (3/4 length sleeves & band collar), fem ring, ~rope ring, hematite ring, chainmail earrings, art deco flower maiden plaque/pendant (on black cord), clip watch & hair up in ponytail/bun with brown wood hair comb with mother of pearl star.

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