Friday, July 20, 2007

Dental visit: I have a small mouth ulcer instead my upper lip on the right (stress & hormones probably). It was a root canal & I'm out of dental insurance for the year. This sucks! And there's a nasty aftertaste that keeps hitting me at unexpected moments. I go back in 3 weeks for the follow-up. No more for me until the new year & my insurance renews.

Oh, & I'm cramping. Less today than yesterday at least.

Family: My Aunt Evelyn called me tonight. What a lovely surprise. We had a lovely talk and once again Chris says that my accent dipped deeply into the South.

Dreams: I woke up from a nightmare this morning, about 4 am or so. I woke up before I got scared. I stayed awake long enough to fix the details in my memory & wrote it down when I woke up later (after daybreak). The situation: about 8 of us stuck in a house of death (haunted it's believed) to disprove it (or something like that). As we are about to leave to pick up photos that one of us had taken the day before, the metal shutters slam shut over the windows & doors. Even that wasn't what woke me. When the haunt/demon/devil thing was about to force me to drink blood – that made me wake up.

Books: I read most of Flirting with Pete by Barbara Delinsky while I waited for my appointment & afterwards. The dentist was running late; it happens.

Tatting: I'm two repeats from having both straps & back done. That will just leave the front area. I've also tatted three butterflies & some flowers, mostly while I was in the dental chair.

TV: catching the CSIs that we missed. Not much else on. Watched a little X-play but I was on the phone for most of it.

Weather redefines hot. Temperatures in the 90's and humidity to match. Being outside for very long is an exercise in endurance.

No internet connection tonight, so I'll be uploading this tomorrow (probably via usb drive). I also need to email that teacher about meeting her to give her the cookbooks.

Clothes: black jeans, belt & slippers; white polor, black tatted earrings & necklace, clip watch, black stone ring, fem ring (seen as a dancer by the dental assistant) & plaited hair.

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