Friday, July 13, 2007

Mutants & Masterminds: We had the final stand-off versus the Cosmic Brain last night. Poor Diana didn't get off work until 9 pm so she never made it. Troll will be staying in Far Side City (on the moon) to help them rebuild. Our next session will introduce Diana's new character, Kodachrome. Since Diana wasn't there for the introduction, we ended the game early.

Traffic to Raleigh was backed up due to an accident on an on-ramp. Luckily, I left in plenty of time, stopped by Lazy Daisy to pick up some beads, a ball of black size 12 & the next in the needlework mystery series (A Stitch in Time). The stop & roll traffic made my legs hurt though.

Then I got home & possibly due to the energy drink I consumed at 9 pm, I didn't get to sleep until almost midnight. I'm a trifle sleepy this morning. While waiting for stuff to happen (we waited a little while for Diana), I created a Facebook entry.

letters: I sealed all but Leela's letter this morning & dropped them in the mail. I'm almost out of that sealing wax. I have the disks but I'm not certain how to use them.

books: re-read The Promise of a Kiss after I got home last night. That's might also be why I had trouble getting to sleep, I was reading.

tatting: I finally joined threads on my edging & tatted a ring or two this morning. I also finished that trio of variegated purple butterflies.

clothes: usual shoes & belt, black jeans, magenta & black check shirt, amethyst ring, ~rope band, hematite band, magnet & beads bracelet, amethyst pendant, purple Czech bead earrings, & ponytail.

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