Monday, July 30, 2007

Knee still hurts but not as much as yesterday morning (I can go up & down stairs, bending it, without screaming agony). I even walked from FE to Jimmy Johns for lunch yesterday & survived. I was limping a little bit by evening, but still. It was better than it had been.

Movie: Went to see the Harry Potter movie last night. It was only showing at 7pm, didn't really get started until 7:15 (7:30 if the credits are included in the movie running time), and out of the theater by about 9:50 pm. The girl playing Luna is indeed, reallllly good & Mrs. Umbridge was perfect. Their casting staff is excellent; not just on the main characters but on the bit parts as well (like Nymphadora).

The trailors for Enchanted make it look interesting. At first, it looked really cutesy, then they had a clip of the cleaning scene. The fairytale princess calls upon her 'forest friends' to clean the NY city apartment. Picture this: rats using toothbrushes to scrub the toilet. 'Nuff said.

news of the day: Homeowners make a grave discovery

sight of the day, or rather yesterday: men's shorts that look like a pair of dress slacks cut off just above the knee & hemmed.

tv: watched a lot of G4's San Diego Comic-con coverage. From 300 to 123,000 (sold out on Friday but at least that many) in just 38 years. We also watched some of 1st Season Buffy on DVD.

reading: I read the prequel comic to the new series The 99. Okay, so it's new in the US.

Gaming: with Chris's help I have the plots for my Ironclaw games this weekend. Now I just have to write up NPC's and organize the information. I also wrote up Caskashihar "Cas" Mil'Tiaion, my Greyhawk Ruins ranger.

One of my co-workers is back from visiting his family. His father had a heart attack a couple months ago & then they found cancer. They couldn't operate until his father's heart condition stabilized, which was last week. The doctors operated but were unable to remove all of the cancer. It doesn't look good for my co-worker's father, but the family is waiting to hear what the oncologist has to say.

clothes: black ~slippers, jeans & belt; white polo, no jewelry (woke up late thanks to the late night) & my clip watch.

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