Sunday, July 22, 2007

Books: Second Sight & Witch Hunt. It turns out that I'd read Second Sight before. Oh well. I liked it. Witch Hunt is a mystery series & I really like it.

tv I taped Burn Notice, all 5 episodes were being shown. I watched the pilot & most of the 2nd one.

Met Cassie, gave her the box of cookbooks. Turns out she teaches food & only has two cookbooks in her classroom. So the addition of 8 or 12 is a very good thing. Someone else in north Raleigh also had something for her. We met at the Fairgrounds & while I was waiting for her I went to grab something for lunch. While there, I asked a couple venders if they had ever seen a tatting shuttle. None of them had, but one of them went to high school with my brother. Small world, huh.

Gaming: Played my mostly cleric, Reed, in the playtest. Despite the fact that most of us have not worked together before, we are doing well with teamwork. It's not short. It's after 11 and I'm hoping that this is the last combat. As it is, I'm very tired & not certain how I'm getting home.

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