Thursday, July 12, 2007

Phone: My mom called last night (I had left her a message on Tuesday about my cousin). We had a nice little conversation. She's going to get me a certified copy of my birth certificate so I can go ahead & get a passport. I do not actually need one, but it's handy to have.

I called Anitra to squeea at her about my genealogy treasure trove. She's the sort who'd understand my glee. And she did. She also told me about a bead show towards the end of the month.

Chris got home late last night. He was feeling pretty bummed. All in all, we didn't eat until almost 10 pm. We watched another episode of The Wild, Wild West (Criminal Minds was a repeat that we'd seen).

Plumber: Finally we have someone coming out to find the leak, tomorrow. So I have to hurry home from work to meet him/her. Hopefully, Saturday they'll be able to come by & actually fix the leak.

Of course, that means that the round zero that Chris will be playing in on Saturday will have to be at our house. So I have to get at least the dining room table cleared for that. I also have to get my stuff together for the church's street fair on Saturday. I think I know what I'm wearing at least. I think.

Gaming tonight: Mutants & Masterminds at David's. I'm driving myself so it's lucky that I have an energy drink to keep me awake.

Books: Finished re-reading The Viscount Who Loved Me & started the 3 book omnibus: Rogues' Reform.

letters: I have finished all but Leela's now. I'm going to go ahead & mail everyone else's even if hers isn't ready yet.

clothes: I had an outfit picked out, using one of my new tank tops. Too bad it turns out that it's itchy as all get out. So instead I'm wearing a black polo with my black slacks (with a white spot near the hem where I dripped sunblock this morning), black ~slippers, black belt (gold tone buckle), black stone ring, bloodstone ring, hematite ring, Celtic knot ring, thin silver chain bracelet, Celtic knot star/moon & tree pendant, knotwork earrings & hair up in a ponytail/bun.

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