Monday, July 16, 2007

Here's Sunday's post:

Church Street Fair: Had fun. Talked to Christopher H & Anitra. Got to see a few more people but not much chance to chat with anyone else. Met a few more people though. It was hot but I was in the shade & there was a breeze off & on. It still wore me out though. I went to bed at 9:30 & didn't wake up 'til 7:30 am. Even then, I slept badly (kicked off the sheet & one blanket); Chris said that he heard me talking and I sounded disturbed.

Books: I finished the first book in Rogues' Reform & part of the second one, Lady of Expectations. I read the third one on Sunday, Unwilling Conquest. I started How to Engage an Earl. I bought a new gamebook: Scion Hero.

Tatting: THREE FEET! Plus a few inches done. I'm almost halfway done; maybe 3 repeats to go to be halfway.

Gaming: No Mike at Rosemary's game and we did lots of roleplay. We managed to get the game back on track.

Trinic-con round zero: Currents was fun. It's not a hack & slash module, so that's always more fun.

Clothes: Saturday's outfit: burgundy flower tank under white gauze blouse with embroidered flowers (I realllly need to change the laces on the drawstrings though); bright pink, etc floral gauze skirt; black ~slippers; dragon pendant; pewter moon & star pendant; Indian silver scroll-y earrings (the silver is wearing off); both dragon rings; fem ring; hematite ring; ponytail with the silver & beads spool knit elastic; magnetic bead bracelet & bloodstone ring (that I broke).

Sunday's outfit: Dralion t-shirt, blue jeans, brown belt, navy loafers, dragon pendant, silver scroll-y earrings (the new round ones), fem ring, flower band, hematite ring, & plait.

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