Monday, July 23, 2007

ARGH! What is with the big 2 soda companies. Just as I'm really starting to get addicted to a soda, they discontinue it. They're all gone: Diet Coke Vanilla, Diet Pepsi Vanilla, Diet Pepsi Jazz Strawberries & Cream, Diet Jazz Caramel & Cream..and now Diet Coke Plus. At least I still have the Coke Zero Vanilla...but for how much longer?

Sunday was a little lazy. Since we got home late, we both slept in, at least some. We went by FE to pick up our comic & manga order. Thanks to the flood Tuesday (construction next door to blame), the owner needs all the help that he can get. I also bought a couple Shadowrun books & ordered the two most recent D&D complete books; Scoundrel & Champion.

Unless for the first time in my driving career I drove off without it, someone has stolen my gas cap. Guess this means I'll check the auto store, find out that they don't have it & end up ordering from the dealer. Oh frickin' yay!

We did some grocery shopping & some laundry. That was pretty much it for Sunday. When we got back after the shopping, I took a nap.

tatting: I got a lot done Saturday night. I didn't even get one repeat done on Sunday but I did measure out what I'd gotten accomplished & I had about 5 repeats to go. Those I did this morning. Next step is to sew it to the apron, with the edging still on the shuttle, in case I was wrong & I need another ring or five.

Today it's been more personnel issues. I think everything is squared away now, I hope. I've been massively hungry though.

reading: I read the most recent issue of the Devil's Panties comic book and re-read Daja's Story (of the Circle of Magic series). I started re-reading Curse of Chalion. I started to read Inubaka but Casey was right, it's a little too scatological-focused. I should be reading the module that I will be running at Trinic-con.

clothes on Sunday: Fenton Menace t-shirt, black jeans, ~slippers & belt, Celtic knot jewelry, and ponytail.
Monday: black ~slippers, jeans & belt, forest green Geoff polo, Celtic knot jewelry, ponytail.

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